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სქაი ისნის გარე ხედი
ღამის ხედი

"Sky Isani" is a building with 15 floor, which is constructed in two blocks. Each block has two elevators, one entrance and indoor garage on two floor. The project visualization is tailored for likers of modern and retro architects. The construction of the building is carried out through ecologically clean materials that are distinguished by the efficiency of the communal costs.

Construction address

The complex is located in the central part of Isani District at Baghdati Street. Favorable location is due to the proximity of the left and right banks of the Mtkvari River. The dwelling is located at a distance of 750 meters from Isani Metro and next to the hypermarket "Carrefour". The residential complex provides the great panoramic views of Tbilisi.

Today the Sky Development Company is building a residential complex called Sky Isani.

Number of apartments

sq.m living space

sq.m commercial space