Summer Sky

“Summer Sky” is apart-hotel type building located in the new boulevard of Batumi. It is an 15-storey building with 644 apartments.

Sky Isani

“Sky Isani” is multi functional residential complex located in isani district. It is 15-storey building with 140 apartments.

Sky Vake

"Sky Vake" is a multifunctional residential complex located in the prestigious district of Vake. It is 9- storey building with 61 apartments


"Sky Development" participates in International Real Estate Exhibition
"Sky Development" participates in International Real Estate Exhibition with Investment Company "Wealth Management". The event is underway in the United Arab Emirates. The symposium is one of the leading trade events, combining representatives of real estate and finance sectors. The event is attended by more than 90 countries. Business meetings and auctions are underway at the exhibition.

Georgia steps forward!
Georgia step forward in the World Bank’s annual researches In the World Bank’s annual ranking of bureaucracy-busting economies, Georgia has moved forward. In 2018 Georgia occupied 9th places in terms of business simplicity. According to the new research: “The Worlds Easiest Places to Do Business” our country takes 6th place.

Summer Sky
"Summer Sky" is a new project of the "Sky Development", located in Batumi. "Summer Sky" is a 15-storey apartment building, where 14 floors will be residential and one commercial space. 644 residential apartments will be located in the building. Special attention is paid to the comfort and safety of the complex. From the building, you will have beautiful views of different recreational zones. The new project includes a well-equipped square, a roof cafe, a swimming pool and many other services. The company also offers a home with smart house technology. Our goal is to create the maximum comfort for the tenants. with smart house technology, you can Control any equipment, lighting, audio system, shower and garage door by the phone. The smart house will remember your habits and time schedules, which means that you will fulfill your wishes without additional instructions. In addition, it helps you to reduce taxes. The smart house automatically controls the temperature and when you leave the house, it disables all the techniques that use excess energy.


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